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James Morris
General Manager

James has been working with Koons since 1997. James says, I love my job!  James also loves his family and his 2 dogs.

Mary Pollack
703-790-9800 ext 17006

Mary began in the automotive industry in 1986 and has worked both at Koons of Tysons Corner Chevy and Sterling Ford. After a few years away she has rejoined the Koons Organization in September 2015. Mary enjoys spending time with her 3 children.

Tariq Sekander
General Sales Manager

Tariq started with Koons in 2019.

Tariq is fluent in Dari, Farsi, and Pashto.

When he isn't working he enjoys spending time with his wife and his 6 kids.

Jessica Rogerson
Office Manager
703-790-9800 ext 17122

Jessica started at Koons in 2019.

When not at work Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and kids.

Chrystalle Ball
HR/Payroll Manager

Chrystalle has been in the automotive industry for 19 years. 16 of those years have been spent with Toyota and she started with Koons in 2013. Originally from Massachusetts, she is an avid Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins fan and in her spare time runs the DC chapter of a beer group for ladies called Girls Pint Out.

Michaela Puckett
703-790-0900 x17646

Michaela has been in Automotive Business since 1989 and joined the  Koons Team in 2010.  She enjoys traveling to Germany, NC and Spain to see her family/friends and spending time with my son.  She also speaks German.

David Barrie
Service Director

David started in the automotive business as a service technician for JKJ in 1990. He has won the GM Mark Of Excellence award between 2001-2010.

David is happily married to his beautiful wife Abigail for more than 25 years and they have 3 children. David is an assistant coach on his son's travel baseball team and he tries to find time to attend his daughters soccer games as well. His hobbies include cycling (racing when time allows), music, and softball.

Al Rodriguez
Finance Director

Al has been with Koons Chevy since 2009.  He loves numbers and making deals. He speaks Spanish.  In his spare time he likes to play video games competitively and watch soccer, UFC, and NFL. He also has a cat named Chupy that he adores and loves. 

Paul Van Horn
Sales Manager
703-790-9800 ext 17178

Paul started in the automotive industry in 2007 and joined Koons in March 2018. His hobbies include golf, cars, and anything where he gets to interact with people. He speaks fluent Spanish.

Felipe Portillo
Sales Manager
703-790-9800 x17270

Felipe Joined the Koons team in 2018.  He speaks fluent Spanish.  In his free time he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family.

Jesus Montes-Yepez
Sales Manager

Jesus joined Koons in 2018. He is fluent in Spanish. He enjoys driving cars and taking road trips. In his spare time he like to spend time with his daughters and wife.

Michael Elgean
Internet Sales Manager
703-790-9800 x17151

Bill Appel
Service Manager

Bill has been in the automotive business and with Koons for over 33 years, starting when he was just 18 years old. He became a Service Advisor in 1978. Bill is happily married to his wife Jenny and he has three children: Becky, Rob, and David. His family also has two dogs, two cats, and three parrots. Bill enjoys playing golf and fishing. He also is a supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Gregory Lynn
Parts Manager

Gregory joined Koons in April 2018 but started in the automotive industry in 1984. He is married with 3 children. He is an avid musician who has been playing the guitar since he was 12 years old.

Bejan Modarressi
Body Shop Manager
703-790-9800 x17122

Bejan has been in the Collision Repair Industry for 18 years. He has two children, both of them play basketball and lacrosse, which keeps him busy in his free time.  Neat thing about his children, they are both holiday babies: Halloween and Christmas. He has been with his wife for 18 amazing years!



Bakary Darbo
Product Specialist

Bakary has been in the automotive industry for seventeen years. He is a certified GM representative and has won Mark of Excellence awards. He is married with four children; one boy and three girls. He is a die hard Washington Commanders football fan and loves going to games to watch them play. When he is not at work,  he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and shopping.

Earl Jones
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 ext 17008

Earl started in the automotive business after retiring from the U.S. Army. He has held a variety of auto sales-related positions including Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, General Sales Manager, and Used Car Sales Manager & Director. He enjoys selling cars and making customers smile. Earl has received many awards while selling vehicles including "Sales Person of the Year" for nine straight years and "Manager of the Year." Earl has sold as many as 62.5 vehicles in one month. He speaks Arabic and a little Spanish. Earl says, "I love my job and I love selling cars."

Earl's hobbies are going fishing and working out at the gym. He has a wonderful wife and children ranging in age from teenagers to grown adults.

Rodrigo Guevara
Product Specialist

Rodrigo started in the Automotive industry in 2001. He began his career with Koons in December of 2009. He has won the 'Best In The Business' award.

He is married and has three children. Rodrigo enjoys watching movies, tossing the football and having fun. 

Sait Bah
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 ext 17167

Sait joined the GM Chevy sales team in September 2016. In his spare time he enjoys sports, movies, outdoor activities, reading, and travelling. He also relishes the time he spends with his wife and 2 children.

Duane Shanklin
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 ext 17117

Duane started in the automotive industry in 1995 and he previously worked at Koons from 2001 to 2009 and came back in March 2017. He has won multiple top sales awards over the last 22 years. He is a military veteran who enjoys hunting, fishing, and golfing.

Naji Abdulkhalek
Product Specialist

Naji started his career with the Koons Organization in 2020.  He enjoys making his clients happy finding their dream vehicle.  Naji loves his wife and 2 daughters, and spending time with them.

Chase Cassell
Product Specialist

Chase began working for the Koons Sales Team in 2019.

When he's not working he enjoys going out and trying new foods or working out.

Anthony Valdez
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17133

Anthony started at Koons a year ago. He loves the interaction with customers and his co-workers who he believes are amazing.  He speaks Spanish and Italian. 

Devin Truong
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17406

Devin started with Koons a year ago and found his calling in car sales. His hobbies include going to the gym, snowboarding, shooting pool, golf and cheering for the Commander Football Team with his friends.. 

Christopher Baker
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17144

Chris started at Koons in May 2021.  He played college football. He enjoys working out, exploring DC and playing with his dog.

Malcolm Jenkins
Product Specialist

Malcolm started at Koons in 2018. He is very interactive and genuinely loves assisting customer with their car buying needs.  He is from Georgia and graduated from  Alabama State University in 2018.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding ATV's in his spare time.  

Felipe Mosquera
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17224

Felipe started with Koons a year and half ago.  He keeps a positive vibe and keeps smiling.

Kevin Martinez
Product Specialist

Celia Marin
Product Specialist

Celia started at Koons in 2019. She grew up in Idaho and speaks Spanish fluently.  In her free time Celia enjoys playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and traveling.  Celia loves spending time with her family.

Frank Marinucci
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17232

Frank started with Koons in 2017 and he has been in the Auto Industry since the late 90's.  He is an avid Capitals Fan.

Duane Ferguson
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17042

Duane started with Koons 2 years ago, he moved here from PA for better opportunities in his life. In his free time he liked to mountain bike, kayak with his friends and he enjoys sitting in the outdoors of  PA.

Henry Doperak
Product Specialist

Henry has been with Koons For over 1 year. He feels it is a great place to work and his co-workers/managers are incredible!  In his free time he is on a bowling league, he also volunteers and coaches youth basketball.

Mohmad Zabad
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17267

Mohmad started at Koons 2 months ago and he feels it is a great career opportunity. He enjoys working with his fellow co-workers. He also purchased a vehicle for his mother.

Taylor Sekander
Product Specialist

Taylor joined Koons Organization in 2020.  He is passionate about finding clients the best vehicle for them.  When he is not working , he enjoys sports, nature and spending time with loved ones.

Michael Sevillano
Product Specialist
703-790-9800 x17109

Michael started in 2021 with Koons. He believes it is a great place to work with very good co-workers and a good environment. Michael also speaks Spanish fluently.

Dave Sawyer
New Car Inventory

Dave has been in the automotive business for over 35 years. He started as a Line Tech and also worked in the get ready department, as a Service Advisor, as a Sales Representative, and as a Sales Manager.



Wayne Chase
Financial Manager

Wayne has been in the automotive business for 28 years, and with Koons for nearly 21 years. Wayne loves watching sports and spending time with his family.  His hobbies include collecting and selling model trains.  He has 2 pets named Shadow and Grayson.

Josh Neidigh
Finance Manager

Josh started in the automotive industry in 2011. He began my career with the Koons Organization October 2012. In his spare time he enjoys watching sports, and cooking BBQ.  He also enjoys playing video games with his co-workers and spending time with his family.

Joel Rodriguez
Finance Manager
703-790-9800 x 17116

Joel Began his career with the Koons Organization in 2019.  In his spare time he enjoys eating at new restaurants and traveling. He Loves his dream car C7 Corvette, that he wished for since he was 5 years old.

Hamza Royer
Finance Manager
703-790-9800 x17350

Hamza began is career with the Koons Organization in 2020. He enjoys cooking, playing video games and building computers.



Jimmy Jones
Service Advisor

Jimmy started in the automotive industry in 1994. He is married and has two terrific children.

Donnavan Richards
Service Advisor
703-790-9800 X17115

Donnavan has been with the Koons Organization since 2010.  He has 3 kids and he enjoys playing music and dominos in his spare time. 

David Ahern
Service Advisor
703-790-9800 x17051

David joined the Koons organization in August, 2013. When he is not working, his interests include auto racing and traveling.

Carlos Candia
Service Advisor
703-790-9800 x17208

Carlos started in the automotive industry in January 2007. He started working for the Koons Organization November 2011. Carlos speaks Spanish fluently and likes sports.

Jonathan Gomez
Service Advisor
703-790-9800 x17106

Jonathan has been in the automotive industry since 2003 and joined Koons in 2019. He's bilingual in Spanish and enjoys spending time with his family. He has two wonderful kids. His hobbies are soccer.

David Lineham
Service Advisor
703-790-9800 x 17051

David joined the Koons Service team in 2019.

When he's not at work he enjoys playing with his kids, watching movies and Star Wars on Disney Channel.

Khalid Kandeh
Service Advisor

Khalid has been in the automotive industry for 7 years as a technician for Mercedes Benz and start April 2022 with the Koons Organization.  He loves playing basketball and going on long walks with his dog when the weather is nice.

Jackie Clark
Service Appointment Coordinator
703-790-9800 ext 17962

Jackie started working in the automotive industry in June of 2009, which is when she started working at Koons. Jackie grew up around the car industry. Her father is a mechanic, and her mother works in the parts department.

Natalie Sosa
Call Center Representative
703-790-9800 ext 17010

Natalie has been with Koons since August 2017. She is fluent in Spanish and is currently studying to be a counseling psychologist.



Oscar Banos-Martinez
Parts Advisor
703-790-9800 x17099

Oscar started in the automotive industry in 2005. He began his career with the Koons Organization September 2012. Oscar speaks Spanish fluently. 

Julio Castro Amaya
Parts Advisor
703.-790-9800 x17118

Julio has been in the automotive industry since 2015 and joined Koons in 2019. Julio hobbies are working in his truck, riding his Harley and expending time with his dogs. 

Derek Williams
Parts Advisor

Derek has 20 years experience in parts with a total of 15 years at Koons. Derek has won "Employee of the Month." He enjoys working with people. Derek is married with three kids, two boys and one girl. Derek plays basketball and soccer, and he coaches little league football.


Body Shop

Claudia Calderon
Body Shop Receptionist
703-790-9800 x17174

Claudia is new the Automotive Industry and has been with Koons Organization for a year. Claudia enjoys cooking, shopping, spending time with her kid and taking family trips.  She also speaks Spanish.

Josh Briggs
Body Shop Estimator
703-790-9800 x17211

Josh started with the Koons Organization in August 2021 and in the Insurance Auto Industry over 10 years ago.  When not at work or school you can find Josh playing video games or working on his classic car. 

Jonathan Torres
Body Shop Estimator
703-790-9800 x17315

Jonathan started at the Koons Organization in September 2021 and has been working in the Auto Industry for 7 years.  When he is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family.



Atef Ghuniem
KBC Director
703-790-9800 x17117

Atef began his career at the Koons Organization 4 years ago. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing soccer.

Naim Bryant
Buyer KBC
703-790-9800 x1711

Naim began his career in the Auto Industry 8 years ago and started with the Koons Organization in Oct. 2021.  Naim is a family man with 2 little ones.  His hobbies include cars, sports and gaming.

Gina McClanahan
Buyer KBC
703-790-9800 x17117

Gina started with the Koons Organization in 2020.  Gina enjoys gardening, hiking, swimming, and most anything outdoors.

Rick Deleon
Buyer KBC
703-790-9800 x17117

Rick started in the Automotive Industry in  2011.  He has held different positions as sales representative, finance manager, and acquisition manager.  Rick is fluent in Spanish and related Latin languages.  He enjoys reading about technology, money market, riding bikes, playing tennis and traveling.

Patrick Blackburn
Buyer KBC

Samantha Tambor
Buyer KBC
703-790-9800 x17715

Samantha started with the Koons Organization in June 2019 and she can not say enough good things about her time with the company!

Zach Korpi
Buyer KBC
703-790-7900 x17117

Zach has been with Koons since 2015. He enjoys cars, bikes, and basketball in his free time.

Larry Kessler
Buyer KBC
703-790-9800 ext 17282

Larry joined the Koons organization in November, 2014. When he is not working, he enjoys golf, sports and classic rock.

Osvaldo Maldonado
KBC Assistant

Osvaldo has been with the Koons Organization since 2021.He enjoys watching sports, and ride bikes.  He is fluent in Spanish.


KBC Buyer

Chris Lamb
KBC Regional Manager - Southeast

Brandon Puckett
KBC Buyer Southeast

Brandon started at Koons May 2022.  Brandon enjoys making music and playing basketball when he is not at work.



Arianna Butcher
703-790-9800 x0

Arianna started with the Koons Organization in February 2022.  When Arianna is not at work, she is shopping  at the nearest mall, traveling or working out.