Shocks and Strut Service at Koons Tysons Chevy Buick GMC

Are you driving around in a veritable mobile trampoline? Are you looking for a service team to fix your bouncy ride? Koons Tysons Chevy Buick GMC is ready to help! Our service team is ready to help repair your shocks and struts to return your vehicle to normal ride quality. Schedule a service appointment today!

Signs Shocks and Struts may need Repair

Arlington and Alexandria drivers can look to a variety of signs as potential indications that it's time for shock and strut repair. Indeed, one of the biggest signs that your shocks may require replacement or repair is through leaking fluid. If leaking fluid is apparent when inspecting your brakes, your brakes are functioning at less than optimal performance. If your vehicle ride quality is obviously bouncy, it's quite likely that your shocks and struts require some attention. If you tend to bounce excessively when going over bumps or potholes, it's likely a sign your shocks could use some work. Beyond this, drivers can look for signs of a vehicle nosedive when hitting the brakes. If your vehicle's front-end lurches forward when hitting the brakes casually, your shocks and struts likely are in less than ideal condition.

Shock and Strut Repair Symptoms

  • Dented or damaged shock/body
  • Fluid leaks
  • Cupped tires
  • Continued bounce after going over holes or speedbump
  • Heavy nosedive while braking
  • Bumpy/harsh ride quality
  • Poor steering

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Our team service team is excited to work with Alexandria drivers to improve your overall ride quality. If you're looking for a dealership that you can trust, Tysons Corner drivers can look to Koons Tysons Chevy Buick GMC with confidence. Our team of professionals is committed to providing modernly efficient, classically professional service. Whether you're looking to get just your shocks and struts repair or you're looking for more extensive repairs, Arlington drivers can look to the Koons Tysons Chevy Buick GMC service team for assistance!

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